Staff Augmentation

Broaden your tech abilities by hiring experienced Software Developers.

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What is a Staff Augmentation?

A dedicated development team is a concept of hiring dedicated developers and tech enthusiasts for a particular project; it can be for a short period or a long term.

Staff Augmentation is an extension of your current team by hiring skilled tech resources on an external basis to cover necessary positions; it can be temporarily or permanently. It allows businesses to choose candidates that fit your requirements to extend your team whenever you require.

How does it work?

You have the engineers working on a project but you need to hire 5-10 professionals but it can be so difficult to hire the programmers if you try to hire on your own this is where staff augmentation bridges the gap, with staff augmentation you get the opportunity to personally screen and select the candidates for the desired skillset required for the project.

In this, your outsourcing partner will take care of all the administrative and organizational obstacles, while you can focus on your core competencies and collaborate with your extended team in the same way you do with your in-house team.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Quick hiring without facing hassles from recruiters and hiring consultants.

Less Infrastructure Investment as resources are separately hired

Since you are adding members to your team, there would not be any geographical barrier.

This model eliminates the concept
of hiring full in-house employees
which removes additional cost.

Enhanced productivity level since
you will screen and shortlist the
desired candidates.

When should you do Staff Augmentation?


You require some professionals who can assist you with the advanced technologies and skillset required for any project.


You are facing a heavy workload and cannot bear daily delays and want to finish the work within the client’s stiff deadlines.


When you are looking for experienced professionals for a long-term project and relationship.


You want to build a team that is flexible and professional at the same time. And you can focus on your other important tasks on time.