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Rockit Helps Build Interoperability Assured, FHIR Compliant Custom Healthcare Apps.




Transformative Healthcare Software Development Services

Our healthcare software development services and solutions are designed to drive results in the evolving healthcare landscape. Our software solutions are FHIR compliant and built to turn isolated systems into unified solutions.


Software Development (Staffing Augmentation & Development)

We offer two flexible options: building your healthcare software & apps from scratch or providing top-tier talent to complement your team. Our comprehensive software development solutions guarantee optimal results.

FHIR Consultancy (Engineering & Design)

Unlock the Power of FHIR with Our Expertise: Streamline processes, foster interoperability, and drive healthcare innovation with our dedicated domain experts.

About Us


Healthcare App Development — We Rock It

We aim to be the world’s leading managed services partner in healthcare software, offering innovative solutions, unwavering support, and a dedication to fuelling global growth and success.

The Rockit team specializes in building healthcare software and apps that have high interoperability while meeting FHIR compliance norms.

We are experts in FHIR STU3 and R4, ETL processes, and RESTful APIs. This makes our solutions — from workflows to compliance — high quality and trustworthy.

Learn how we make it possible.


What We Build

Powerful Interoperability & FHIR Compliant Software


Over the past few years, our team of experts has specialized in developing interoperable healthcare software development solutions using the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard.

We develop solutions for all stakeholders of the healthcare sector.


Health Plans

Management Service Organizations (MSOs)

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

EHR Vendors

EHR Vendors

Technical Expertise


No One Rocks Healthcare Tech Like Us

Our team’s expertise extends beyond technical knowledge, encompassing a deep understanding of healthcare workflows, compliance, and privacy regulations such as HIPAA. This multifaceted knowledge has been integral to the success of our comprehensive solutions.


Our Proficiency in FHIR Standards

We excel in FHIR, STU3 and R4 standards, ensuring seamless healthcare data management.

Extensive Experience in ETL Processes

We are adept in Extract, Transform, & Load (ETL) processes making us a trusted data transformation partner.

Backend & Programming Expertise

Our team possesses expertise in backend development using Python, Java, and SQL.

Expertise In API Integrations

We specialize in utilizing RESTful APIs for seamless data exchange.

Deep Adherence of Health Data Standards

We understand and adhere to essential healthcare data standards ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

Deliverables and Commitments


Why Choose Rockit As Your Healthcare Software Development Company

When you choose Rockit as your healthcare software development company you’re entering a partnership built on transparency and achievable goals. We never underestimate a project’s scope and always offer a clear roadmap for expected outcomes (and results).

Once we make a commitment, you can trust that results will be consistently delivered. Our proven track record speaks volumes about our capabilities.


25% Boost in operational efficiency with FHIR-based analytics


30% Faster Project timelines with reusable components.

Project Pipelines

Let's Redefine Healthcare Together!

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Can Rockit adhere to the level of security required for healthcare software/app?


Rockit Healthcare software services meet the necessary level of security. We are skilled in implementing strong security measures, encryption, and data protection to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of patient information. Our experience in healthcare security and compliance standards such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) makes us a suitable choice for healthcare software application development.

How do I choose the right healthcare software development company?


Consider factors like healthcare software development experience, healthcare projects portfolio, knowledge of healthcare regulations and security, reference clients, and the ability to personalize solutions according to your unique needs. You should also ensure that their previous software delivery is high-quality and in compliance with the required standards.

Which partnership models are available for prospective clients to explore?


Several partnership models can be looked at while working with Rockit Healthcare Software Development Company. These include fixed-price contracts, time and materials contracts, dedicated development teams, and revenue-sharing arrangements. The type of partnership model you choose should be aligned with your project’s objectives, budget, and needs.

How much does mobile healthcare application development cost?


The mobile healthcare application development cost differs depending on the number of features, the complexity, the platform (iOS or Android), the location of the development team, and extra integrations or security requirements.

We suggest requesting a quote from the said healthcare app/software development company and asking them to create a precise figure for your specific project.

Does Rockit provide security assurance and HIPAA compliance?


Rockit offers security assurance with HIPAA compliance for healthcare software. We also appreciate the paramount nature of safeguarding patient’s data and adherence to healthcare laws. Our team has worked on security measures, encryption, access controls, and other mechanisms to maintain HIPAA compliance and shield sensitive healthcare information.