Customized Development Based on Detailed Evaluation


We craft customized apps that align with your unique vision. Our experts meticulously tailor each step to meet your business objectives, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs.

How We Work


We function on the philosophy — Evaluate with expertise and scale with agility. Each of our engagement models is designed to adapt to the changing demands of the healthcare industry and business needs. Our guiding principle is elegantly straightforward: we delve deep into your vital objectives, achieving maximum results while optimizing resource allocation.

Here’s how we do it:

how we do it

FHIR-Driven Assessment (Diagnosis)

We begin by analyzing your healthcare project, utilizing FHIR to understand your needs and regulatory requirements.

Clinical Blueprint (Vision Design)

Crafting a precise clinical blueprint outlining data pathways and interfaces to enhance patient care.

Interoperable Development (Building the Nexus)

Our expert team leverages FHIR to create a robust, interoperable healthcare ecosystem.

Compliance Testing (Regulatory Assurance)

Rigorous testing ensures HIPAA-compliant, secure, and error-free healthcare data handling.

HIPAA-Compliant Deployment (Precise Launch)

We deploy your solution, adhering to strict HIPAA regulations and industry standards.

Ongoing Support (Health Check)

Our dedicated team maintains your system, ensuring continuous compliance and peak performance.

Future-Proof Scalability (Growth Strategy)

We partner for ongoing enhancements, scaling your system and adapting to emerging healthcare standards

The Rockit Advantage


Great solutions are not just built with software but with knowledge of the space. And we are not just software experts; we bring years of healthcare domain expertise to the table.
From prevailing workflows to trending processes, our team has hands-on experience in delivering promised results.


Interoperability Expertise

We help you leverage data and bring you seamless connectivity. With a focus on FHIR standards, we can turn isolated systems into unified solutions.

FHIR Experts

The Rockit team has an intimate knowledge of FHIR and all its complexities. We also understand CMS regulations and the intricacies involved in operation. This allows us to deliver assured FHIR compliance in every scenario.

Scalable Solutions

Our solutions are built to scale with technology and business goals. They are serverless and built with the best tech stacks, for example, GCP and Azure.


Software development could be a smoother highway. But we must account for bumps in the road to ensure we deliver the results process. Our track record shows our reliability in the field.

Minimal Iterations

We handle engineering, planning, and design upfront. This ensures iterations can be significantly reduced during development and after deployment.

Why Partner With Us


We are committed to process excellence, transparency, and accountability. This means that we built products that are not just technically sound but are also developed in a manner that meets the expectations of all stakeholders. Therefore, our engagement model and development process will instill confidence in all stages.

Improved Decision Making

Improved Decision-Making.

Transparent processes and frequent updates will empower all stakeholders to make informed decisions aligned to business goals.

Reduced Risk

Reduced Risk.

Full visibility into the project’s status helps in the early identification of issues, reducing risks related to delays and budget overruns.

Transparency & Accountability.

We believe in long-term partnerships. Therefore, our processes are accountable to your vision at every stage. We also maintain a high degree of transparency all the way.

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