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Rockit - Healthcare Interoperability and FHIR

Welcome to Rockit – Your Healthcare Innovators

At Rockit, we provide end-to-end software solutions, from app development to expert talent sourcing. Our FHIR compliance and interoperability specialists empower you to optimize processes and drive innovation.
We’re committed to closing healthcare data gaps, ensuring seamless information flow, and enhancing patient care.

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The Rockit Story

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2000s – Founders Ruben Viera and Rob White delved into healthcare software development, laying the foundation for their future endeavors.

2014 – Endlink launched its own platform: endlink.com.

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2014-2021 – Demonstrating successful project deliveries, Endlink garnered interest from friends and business associates who sought to leverage Endlink’s core expertise.

2022 – A pivotal year as Endlink’s development services branched off to form a new entity: Rockit.

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2023 – Rockit’s commitment to maintaining high standards and selective project/client choices remains evident. Every project undertaken has been successfully delivered, further underscoring Rockit’s efficacy in this approach.

We look forward to making you a part of the Rockit story in the years to come

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Values and Commitments

Our core values include

quality care

Quality Care





patient-centeric focus

Patient-Centric Focus


Our Mission

We aspire to stand as the foremost global partner in managed services, dedicated to empowering businesses with innovative solutions, unwavering support, and a commitment to catalyzing their growth and success on a truly international scale.


Healthcare Interoperability Solutions


Our Expertise

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Development and Sale of Proprietary Platforms

We excel in creating healthcare data management solutions, exemplified by our “endlink® Platforms.”

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Selectivity in Project Choices

Our commitment to quality means we choose projects carefully, ensuring high standards in every solution we deliver.

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Successful Track Record

We have a proven record of successful project delivery, showcasing our competence and reliability.

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Founders’ Healthcare Software Background

Our founders, Ruben Viera and Rob White, have had extensive experience in healthcare software since the early 2000s.


endlink® Platforms

Our portfolio includes platforms like Data Decision Platform, Secure Collaboration Platform, Interoperability Platform, eVisits Module, Intake Form Module, EHR Vendor Patient Portal, and Member Portal. For details on FHIR-enablement, ownership, and tech stack, explore our expertise further.

Projects for Diverse Healthcare Entities

We adapt solutions for diverse healthcare entities, including MSOs, health plans, EHR vendors, Enterprise Ambulatory Sites, and ACOs.

Diverse healthcare


Our innovative patient relationship management (PRM) software redefines patient engagement and care delivery, recognized through its acquisition by Vista Equity/Greenway Health.

EHR solutions

Enhancing healthcare quality, serving 12 states and Puerto Rico, with innovations like EHRnotify, EHRfax, EHRdashboard, and EHRcams, acquired by MDS Medical in 2013.

EHR Solutions

What Sets Us Apart


Rockit stands out in the healthcare industry as a provider with a proven track record of delivering innovative healthcare solutions, stemming from a rich history of software development and a commitment to selective, high-impact projects.


Our Differentiators


Seasoned Expertise

Founded by industry veterans Ruben Viera and Rob White, our team’s passion and deep-rooted knowledge of healthcare technology ensure top-tier solutions.

Elevated Standards

We uphold the highest standards and engage only in projects where excellence is achievable.

Proven Success