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Software Development – Staffing Augmentation and Development

Services We Provide

Optimal Staffing and Development Solutions

We build your app or provide top talent. Whether you’re augmenting your team or creating a dedicated one, our comprehensive software development ensures the best results.

Optimal Staffing and Development Solutions

Our Suite of Software Development Services


We offer two flexible options: building your app from scratch or providing top-tier talent to complement your team. Our comprehensive software development solutions guarantee optimal results. We excel in backend development using Python, Java, and SQL, with expertise in seamless data exchange through Restful API integration.


Staffing Augmentation

Elevate your healthcare services with our specialized FHIR staffing augmentation solutions. We provide expert professionals ready to seamlessly integrate into your team, ensuring a smooth FHIR-driven workflow.


Navigate the intricacies of FHIR healthcare services with confidence through our dedicated consultancy. Our FHIR experts bring a wealth of knowledge to guide your organization in adopting and optimizing FHIR-driven solutions.

Why Trust Us

In the healthcare landscape, data is king. We transform isolated systems into impactful unified solutions.

technical prowess

Technical Prowess

We’re FHIR STU3 and R4 experts, masters of ETL processes and RESTful API virtuosos.

Deep Domain Knowledge

Deep Domain Knowledge

As healthcare experts, we understand workflows and compliance inside out.

Proven Success

Proven Success

Our track record speaks volumes – we deliver results and keep our promises.

How We Deliver Excellence

We blend domain expertise and innovative methods for scalable, high-quality solutions. Leveraging interoperability and FHIR knowledge, we excel in:


FHIR-Compliant EHR

Syncing health records across platforms while ensuring adherence to guidelines.

Data Analytics

Boost operational efficiency by 25% with FHIR-based analytics.

Reusable Components

Speed up project timelines by 30% decreasing go to market timelines.

Member/Patient Portal

Providing access to patient’s health info, education, health plan coverage, EOBs and provider network.

Let's Redefine Healthcare Together!

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Achieve Rock-solid Results!

Our team’s expertise transcends mere technical knowledge. We excel in healthcare workflows, compliance (including HIPAA), and data privacy regulations, ensuring the success of our comprehensive solutions.


Our Strengths:


FHIR Mastery

Proficiency in FHIR STU3 and R4 standards.

ETL Excellence

Extensive experience in healthcare data ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes.

Backend Prowess

Expertise in Python, Java, and SQL.

API Integration

Expertise in seamless data exchange via RESTful APIs.

Data Standards

A deep understanding of crucial healthcare data standards, including HL7.