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Rockit’s Journey to Building Innovative Apps for Healthcare Leaders

Rockit’s Journey to Building Innovative Apps for Healthcare Leaders

Ruben Viera
CEO at Rockit Development Studio

Apr 23, 2024 | App Development, Blogs, Technology

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, Rockit aims to help drive innovation in the healthcare space. Our focus is to deliver healthcare solutions through our expertise in healthcare interoperability and FHIR compliance. And much of that has to do with our journey in the healthcare space.

The Launch of Rockit

Founded in the early 2000s by healthcare software development enthusiasts Ruben Viera and Rob White, Rockit’s story began with a shared vision of creating transformative solutions for the healthcare sector.

The initial venture, Endlink, laid the foundation for what would eventually become Rockit. In 2014, the launch of marked a pivotal moment, showcasing the company’s dedication to developing its platform.

Building on the success of Endlink, the years between 2014 and 2021 saw a growing interest from peers and business associates. This led to the formation of Rockit in 2022, a year that would shape the company’s trajectory and define its commitment to maintaining high standards and selective project choices.

In 2023, Rockit’s unwavering dedication to excellence was evident as every project undertaken was successfully delivered. The company’s efficacy in its approach solidified its position as a trusted partner in healthcare innovation.

Core Values and Commitments

We have a strong foundation of core values that drive our projects. Key among them are:

  • Quality Care: A commitment to delivering solutions that enhance patient care.
  • Compassion: A compassionate approach to healthcare, understanding the human impact of their innovations.
  • Integrity: Upholding the highest ethical standards in every endeavor.
  • Patient-Centric Focus: Placing the patient at the center of their solutions.

Adding on this are our areas of expertise:

  • Development and Sale of Proprietary Platforms: Our company excels in creating healthcare data management solutions, exemplified by our “endlink® Platforms.”
  • Selectivity in Project Choices: A commitment to quality means projects are chosen carefully, ensuring high standards in every solution delivered.
  • Successful Track Record: With a proven record of successful project delivery, Rockit showcases its competence and reliability.
  • Founders’ Healthcare Software Background: The founders, Ruben Viera and Rob White, have had extensive experience in healthcare software since the early 2000s.

Innovative Solutions for Diverse Healthcare Entities

Rockit adapts its solutions for various healthcare entities, including MSOs, health plans, EHR vendors, Enterprise Ambulatory Sites, and ACOs. Our portfolio includes platforms like Data Decision Platform, Secure Collaboration Platform, Interoperability Platform, eVisits Module, Intake Form Module, EHR Vendor Patient Portal, and Member Portal.

One of our notable innovations, PeopleLYNK, a patient relationship management (PRM) software, has redefined patient engagement and care delivery. Its recognition through acquisition by Vista Equity/Greenway Health attests to its impact.

What Sets Rockit Apart

Rockit stands out in the healthcare industry with its proven track record, stemming from a rich history of software development and a commitment to selective, high-impact projects. Key differentiators include:

  • Seasoned Expertise: Founded by industry veterans Ruben Viera and Rob White, Rockit’s team combines passion and deep-rooted knowledge of healthcare technology to ensure top-tier solutions.
  • Elevated Standards: Rockit upholds the highest standards, engaging only in projects where excellence is achievable.
  • Proven Success: The company’s impressive track record speaks for itself, highlighting its competence and reliability.
  • Innovation Pioneers: Rockit pioneers transformative solutions like “PeopleLYNK,” redefining patient engagement and care delivery.
  • Strategic Growth: Acquisitions, such as PeopleLYNK and EHRsolutions, showcase Rockit’s strategic growth, expanding its influence to serve a broader audience.

Our Mission: Empowering Global Healthcare

We aspire to be the foremost global partner in managed services. Our mission is to empower businesses with innovative solutions, unwavering support, and a commitment to catalyzing growth on an international scale.

We invite you to be a part of our story in the years to come, promising a future where technology and compassion converge for the betterment of healthcare worldwide. 

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